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Pioneer Valley Travel

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Tarina, Travel Consultant

Tarina has been at PVT since 1984 celebrating her 29th year.  Tarina is experienced in all facets of travel and is determined to find the right destination and accommodations for her clients.  Tarina is constantly looking out for her clients and treats her clients exactly as she would want to be treated with personal service, expertise and professionalism.  Tarina has traveled to the Caribbean, across our country via RV with her family, Bermuda, Europe and Mexico.  Tarina has developed a niche business of providing excellent service to small groups and just recently completed a Carnival cruise group booking with complete satisfaction from her clients.  Tarina shares information with her PVT colleagues and if she can't find it immediately, you can rest assured, she will find the answers for you. 

Don't hesitate to contact Tarina at or 413 586 1366 and let Tarina plan your dream trip.