Pioneer Valley Travel's Response to COVID-19

Greetings Fellow Travelers, Friends and Family,

As the world begins to reopen, we would like to remind you that we are still here ready to make your vacation dreams come true. We are up to date with all of the travel bans and reopening dates as well as 50+ years of travel experience and trends to fall back on. We are a 1 stop shop for information and expertise.

As of 5/26/20, we are opening our office from 9am-1pm Monday through Friday by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call our office to confirm a time with a Travel Advisor.

We will still be available remotely from 1pm-5pm Monday through Friday so please call 413-586-1366 for assistance.

We also have our "DREAMCATCHER" Box outside our office door where we can select brochures and put together trips for you to start the research processes today. Call or email your favorite travel advisor for more details.

Times are changing but the need to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect never ceases and we are here to help you.

Please call us today, we are ready and willing to get back to traveling.

- Martha and the Ladies of PVT